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Simple Experiences

Captivate your customers with in-venue experiences that simplify their lives & eliminate friction points when interacting with your brand.

Smart Insights

Turn your venues into intelligent spaces with Bluetooth beacons. Gather valuable data and insights to help your brand understand your customers - and serve them like never before.

Where We Create Unforgettable Experiences

Deliver an effortless gameday experience. From the doorsteps of your fans throughout their entire visit to your venue and back, eliminate the friction and create indelible memories.
Redefine what a quick, easy meal can be. From coffee to fast casual, reduce costs, think beyond your competition and make it easier than ever to deliver fast, accurate service and a fresh product.
Turn your stores into intelligent spaces. Gain groundbreaking insights while simultaneously making it easier than ever for customers to do business with you.
Give every guest a VIP experience. Know who they are and anticipate their needs before they even tell you.
Enable concierge-level service to create a better movie-watching experience and drive sales. Gain visibility to key guest insights and real-time feedback.

Beacons & Your Brand

Across virtually every industry, the smartest brands are quickly discovering the power of micro-location technology. Bluetooth beacons are just the beginning.

Like any new technology, there are right and wrong ways to use it. The experience - the value to your customer - must be the focus. Lantern will guide your brand through every aspect of creating smart experiences that will surprise and delight your customers.

Let Us Handle the Hard Stuff


On-Site Consultation, Hardware Installation, Configuration & Tuning, Monitoring, Maintenance, Cloud Services


Customer-Facing Experiences, Employee-Facing Workflows, Software & SDKs, Mobile App Integration, Micro-Location & Beacon Driven, Mobile Payments, POS Integration


Data APIs, Web Dashboards, CRM Integration, Accounting Integration, Spatiotemporal Insights, Social Insights, Surveys, Qualitative & Quantitative Insights


Operations Consulting, Employee Training, Focus Groups, On-Going Training
We enable the complete experience, step-by-step. Our team is comprised of experts in mobile, micro-location, beacons, scaling, security, workflow optimization and employee training. We've been delivering results to Fortune 500 companies for the past three decades.