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Lantern Power Monitor Hardware
Application Main Page
This Raspberry Pi-based power monitor gives you all of the data you need to
  • Identify where every joule of electricity goes in your house
  • Reduce your electricity consumption
  • Accurately size a solar system
  • Accurately size a battery system to go off grid
  • See the live power of every breaker in your house as it updates every second
  • Group your breakers into a hierarchy to help identify waste
  • Select specific groups or breakers to see the graph and totals for your selection
Application Breaker Detail
Application Custom Graph
  • No need to pre-configure graphs
  • View any permutation of breakers on the fly
  • Daily grid energy totals help you determine battery capacity needs
  • Peak grid power helps you identify battery power needs
  • Total energy and peak power values are available for any timeframe with no custom build required
Application Month
Application Custom Graph
  • Enter billing rates to see consumption and production in currency
  • Billing rates can be applied to specific date ranges, times of day, kwh thresholds, and different rates for production vs consumption