Custom CCL/Discern

Our team has over 40 years of CCL/Discern experience. Whether it's Discern Layout reports, Excel exports, regulatory reports, smart templates, or custom interfaces, our engineers' ability to write efficient and functional CCL is unparalleled.

Mobile Apps

Do your nurses and physicians have mobile needs that aren't being fulfilled by Cerner? We specialize in Android and iPhone development and can create custom apps for your unique workflows.

Modern Reporting

Tired of living with reports from the last millennium? We offer a reporting platform written with modern technologies, delivered to your users in a secure web-based interface. Reports run in a fraction of the time and data output can be customized to your specific needs.

Our Team

We have the technical expertise to solve your problems.

David Compton

David began his career at Cerner in 1991 as an engineer developing BMDI. Over a 20 year career, he gained extensive knowledge of a variety of Cerner clinical solutions including FirstNet, SurgiNet, IView, PathNet, CVNet, and PowerNote. David excels at bridging the gap between clinician and engineer in order to ensure requirements are satisfied.

Mark Milligan

During his nine years at Cerner, Mark rewrote the FirstNet tracking board from scratch, including all of its CCL scripts. Regardless of the history or complexity of a problem, Mark has a proven ability to deliver efficient, concise solutions.

Matt Jamison

While at Cerner, Matt developed Capacity Management, a next generation tracking platform using modern technologies. His ability to learn quickly has enabled him to become an expert in mobile technology, web development, and CCL/Discern.